About CalcoPolis

Why did we build this website?

We founded CalcoPolis in 2020 as a small tool to simplify our day-to-day work. 

However, we all are pretty good at math. We always felt that double-checking the results and memorizing or deriving all the formulas before each calculation is overkill for our productivity.

After creating the first few tools, we realized we use them several times daily. We noticed a significant boost in our productivity since all the automated calculations required us just to fill out the form instead of deriving formulas and verifying the results each time.

It was the aha moment for us. We realized that much more people could benefit from our work. 

That is why we started not only to add more tools but also to provide detailed guides to each of them so people not familiar with the topic may get most of the results.

Our mission

Our ultimate goal is to provide a complete set of tools to assist people in making business or life decisions.

Our solution

Every big problem could be decomposed into a subset of more straightforward issues. Each of the tasks, however, requires a different set of skills, to name a few, expertise in a field, critical thinking, creativity, and very often good math skills. 

All this complexity could be overwhelming even for experienced professionals. That's why we are building the tools and the knowledge base that could be a real aid in complex problem-solving.

Each tool published on this website consists of a calculator and an introductory article on the topic.

Our calculators will help you with complex math, while our explanatory guides will help you interpret the results.

Our team

CalcoPolis could not even be stated without the help of our team of experts. They not only share their knowledge and give a lot of heart to the project.


Mike Kozminsky is an accountant with over ten years of professional experience in bookkeeping for various companies across many industries. From travel agencies, through e-commerce, to financial brokers. 

In CalcoPolis, Mike is responsible for the calculators in business and investment categories.


Lucas Krysiak is an electrical engineer with a passion for business. Lucas is a serial entrepreneur, e-commerce store owner, and founder of this and several other websites. In Calcopolis, Lucas is responsible for calculators in the Saving and Math categories.


Maja Atkins has a master's degree in economics and over ten years of experience in private banking. For Calcopolis, Maja works as a part-time content reviewer and tester.

Our plans

Currently, we have nearly 100 calculators published and over 200 more on our schedule. 

In addition to creating new tools, we work on the user interface and features that will improve the website's usability.

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