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Increase your profits with the help of Calcopolis.

How can this profit calculator help you?

This simple online tool will help you determine the profitability of a particular transaction. The calculator considers not only the cost of goods sold but also the potential commission fees and sales tax.

Thanks to this tool, you can optimize your sales process and prepare for sales negotiations.

The profit returned from the calculator is not the net profit since the fixed costs are not considered in order to not overcomplicate the tool.

How to calculate profit from sales using this calculator?

Although the tool's usage is straightforward, please read the detailed description of available fields to prevent any misunderstanding in the result interpretation.

Description of fields

Purchase price

The purchase price of goods or services sold. The formulas used by the tool assume this is the gross value with sales tax (VAT).

Selling price

The retail price of a single item or service. The price should include the sales tax. If you wish to convert net to gross values, you may use our sales tax calculator.

Units sold

The number of items you plan to sell.

Commission Fee

If the transition requires you to pay any fee, please input here the percentage value of the fee. The cost could be the marketplace commission or credit card commission.

Sales Tax (VAT)

The percentage value of sales tax in your region. The final result presents the profit value after sales tax, so this field is crucial.

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